Major Activities

Factories & Boilers Organisation

Government of Tripura : Major Achievements 2021 - 2022

Sr. No. Particulars- Achievements
in 2021-22
1 Plan-Drawing approval for new factories 38 nos.
2 Revised plan drawing approval 03 nos.
3 New factories identified & registered 33 nos.
4 Inspection of Factories to verify the compliances in regards to Occupational safety, Health & Welfare of the workers working therein. 489 nos.
5 Renewal of factory licence 138 nos.
6 New Boiler Registered 01 no.
7 Boiler inspection 42 nos.
8 Boiler Renewed 31 nos.
9 Collection of non-tax revenue for registration & grant and renewal of Factories/Boilers licence Rs. 58,57,306/-
10 Saftey Awareness Program convened 136 nos.
11 Aazadi Ka Amrit Mohotsav (AKAM) celebrated in the premises of factories 05 nos.
12 Show Cause Notice issued 12 nos.
13 Lodge of prosecution for violation of Factories Act & Rules/ others 01 no.
14  Prosecutions launched for awarding appropriate compensation to the victims of the accidents occurred in factory premises 02 nos.
15 Water sample collected from the nearby water sources of Hazardous factories and tested in Department’s laboratory to examine the contamination. 11 nos.

Introduced online submission of application for amendment in SWAAGAT Portal. (


Introduced online submission of application for revised plan drawing in SWAAGAT Portal. (


Safety Day (4th March, 2022) & Safety Week (4th March- 10th March, 2022) celebrated all over the Tripura to motivate workers on Safety.


e-office introduced to track the files.

  • Identification of industrial units coming under the purview of the Factories Act but are in clandestine operation without registration and Factory Licence and in violation of the safety & Welfare provisions of the Factories Act & Rules. This is followed by legal actions which include issue of show cause notice, institution of prosecutions, issue of prohibitory orders on running the factory etc.
  • Anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of hazards in the registered and licensed factories for prevention of accidents and dangerous occurrences.
  • Evaluation of factors affecting the work atmosphere, which may cause sickness, impaired health and occupational diseases to the workers and to control the same to safe limits.
  • To stop unsafe installation, handling and use of boilers and pressure vessels to check bursting of vessels and devastative accidents through enforcement of the Boilers Act & Regulations and Rules.
  • To identify, assess and control of chemical hazards in factories using or producing chemicals.
  • To provide training and re-training on safety to workers and supervisors.

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