Major Activities

  • Identification of industrial units coming under the purview of the Factories Act but are in clandestine operation without registration and Factory Licence and in violation of the safety & Welfare provisions of the Factories Act & Rules. This is followed by legal actions which include issue of show cause notice, institution of prosecutions, issue of prohibitory orders on running the factory etc.
  • Anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of hazards in the registered and licensed factories for prevention of accidents and dangerous occurrences.
  • Evaluation of factors affecting the work atmosphere, which may cause sickness, impaired health and occupational diseases to the workers and to control the same to safe limits.
  • To stop unsafe installation, handling and use of boilers and pressure vessels to check bursting of vessels and devastative accidents through enforcement of the Boilers Act & Regulations and Rules.
  • To identify, assess and control of chemical hazards in factories using or producing chemicals.
  • To provide training and re-training on safety to workers and supervisors.

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